Many Subway® franchise owners were once in your position… thinking about running their own business. Meet some of our franchise owners and hear how they got started, what it’s like to be a Subway® franchise owner and why they recommend it.


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"It takes hard work and determination to become a franchise owner, but that shouldn't put anyone off exploring their dream of becoming their own boss; there is so much reward that comes with it as well. I've built a really strong team around me, and that, along with the support from Subway®, my family and friends, I am really proud to say that I am a Subway® franchise owner."

Kareemaa is a Subway® franchise owner in Barnsley. She realised her franchise dream in February 2019 when she opened her first Subway® store on a busy retail park that she set out to do with her late husband.



"I loved the brand and its future potential. With the business studies knowledge I had gained at university and my passion for the brand, a Subway® franchise felt like the perfect career. I really enjoy building up a rapport with my guests and getting to know them and the local community. It's important my guests realise that behind the big Subway® brand is a small business owner, who wants to be a valuable member of the local community."

At just 26 years old, Will is the proud franchise owner of four Subway® stores in Bath.



"I grew tired of working for others or sitting at a desk. I wanted to be physically involved in a business, making the decisions and on my feet. I work in my store every day, taking part in the day-to-day running including opening up, preparing the meat and vegetables, baking bread, cleaning and serving guests. I think it is important I meet the regular guests in the store and for them to get to know me. I get to set the expectation of customer service in the store - some people walk in and I know exactly what bread and what filling they want in their Sub before they ask. Great service is what will keep people coming back to the store."

At the age of just 27, Abhi is the proud owner of his first Subway® store in Ilkeston, Derby. After graduating university with a degree in medicine, Abhi changed his mind about his career path and decided he wanted to own his own business.



"I have always wanted to run my own business; franchising seemed like the perfect way to achieve this. In the first couple of years, many new start-ups fail and it's very difficult to make a profit. With franchising you can hit the ground running, using a tried and tested business model. What's more, with a franchise like Subway®, there is an established customer base and excellent brand awareness. There is also a strong support network in place. It's the ideal model for entrepreneurial individuals who want to start their own businesses, but with the added reassurance that they are joining a proven system."

Myles is a Subway® franchise owner with one store in Maidstone. For Myles, a career in franchising was always the plan and he began researching franchise opportunities whilst at Sheffield Hallam University where he undertook a degree in Business and Enterprise Management.