Director of the Pasco Group

SubLOVE 26 years

How did it all begin?

In my time, I’ve been a nurse and a real estate agent before running my first Subway franchise, in Birmingham, in 1997. My husband and I saw an opportunity to get in with Subway when it first came to the UK. At that point I’d never been in a Subway store before and now I run 18!






What’s your key ingredient for success?

Location, Location, Location is paramount. Before we choose a location, we say it has to serve at least three key customer bases:

Nowhere has everything, but you need at least three. Applying that strategy, we steadily grew our portfolio to 18 Subway stores, in and around the Bristol area , employing over 180 members of staff.

What does your store portfolio look like?

After location the next important thing to select is the right format – and we’ve got everything – large and small stores, on high streets, in retail parks and a Drive-Through. We’re always on the lookout for new locations within our territory.

Our biggest to date is over 2,000 square feet at Imperial Park in Bristol. It was a big step opening such a large Subway, but we had confidence in ourselves and the brand. The Subway model can be easily adapted to ensure the correct format for the space and to enhance the guest experience.

“Guests and staff love it.

You have to ask yourself, what’s the cost of not doing it?”

What’s your experience with the new Fresh Forward format?

We love the Fresh Forward restaurant design, and we’re just about to complete the remodel across our estate.

Are there any specific format improvements you’d recommend?

In higher footfall stores we have installed an additional oven. When you’re baking your bread fresh and making over 3,000 subs a day, that’s a lot of baking! The key is understanding what equipment will improve the operation, enhance the guest and team experience to help drive quality and speed of service.

What advice would you give to a new Franchisee with Subway?

Don’t go into this with an employee mentality – you need to think more like an entrepreneur. You will get a lot of support, resources, and advice from Subway – including people like me who’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt(s)!

If you follow the model, you will have the opportunity to grow and increase your store count. Some of our most successful franchisees are hands-on, getting close to the business and the customers. The Subway brand gives you a lot of opportunities if you grasp them – so I’d say go big or go home!

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