Subway non-traditional partnership opportunities


With our flexible floor plans, almost any location can accommodate a Subway® store.

Non-traditional Subway® Franchise owner Options


You or your organisation would purchase the franchise, build out, staff, and operate the store


The Food Service Management Company (or FSMC) may already be our franchise owner, or we can help it become one. The (FSMC) can manage the Subway® restaurant for your facility. The (FSMC) can subcontract space to our franchise owner, who will invest in and operate the store.


The Subway® brand would recommend an experienced operator who would invest to build out, staff and operate the Subway® store and pay you a monthly rent.

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non-traditional locations worldwide

In the UK and Ireland we have more than 800 non-traditional locations.

Why partner with Subway®?

Excellent dual branding opportunities and increased guest market share

Subway® stores are efficient, convenient and provide a quick service - attracting a steady flow of guests to the store

These outlets can be as small as 500sq.ft. and still carry the full menu

The format of operation means that team member levels can be increased at peak times and downscaled to just one person during quiet periods

Product made fresh in front of the guests allowing all of the menu to be available all of the time, maximising sales potential

Flexibility in terms of space and design

hear from some of our partners


“Following student survey feedback, we realised that improving the university’s food offering was key to giving our students a great experience on campus. We wanted to create a destination, and high street brands appeared to be key to giving students what they want. Ultimately, big brands are what students want and with Subway® being in the top three for student choice, it was evident that Subway® was a winning choice for students here at UWE Bristol.

Since opening, the demand and interest in Subway® has been incredible. The store is busy every day – we have queues from around 10am each morning, with hungry students eager to get a late breakfast or early lunch, and it is staying busy throughout the day. We’re very pleased with how the store is performing and is proving to be a real hit with UWE Bristol students."

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"We are delighted to now have seven Subway® stores at our hospital sites throughout the UK and Ireland. We aim to offer our customers as much choice as possible and to respond quickly to their needs. We appreciate that people like the option of having high street brands on site and the Subway® brand is a good fit for us offering fast, freshly prepared sandwiches including healthier, low-fat options. This is very important to us because of our commitment to nutrition and wellbeing and promoting a healthy lifestyle for our employees and customers. We've also been very impressed by the brand's commitments to achieving the NHS CQUIN targets."

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Business & Industry

"Being a bit out the way made us think of ways to drive footfall to the car dealership and starting the Subway® franchise has proven to be very effective. Although it's very difficult to measure I would estimate that we've sold an extra car a week thanks to our franchise being on site. We have had customers say things like 'I only popped down for a bite to eat and I'm going back with a new Fiesta!' which is excellent!"

hear from some our partners


"There's a housing estate and a business park near the airport so we thought the location would be great as it would draw in locals, as well as people going off on holiday. We also know that the airport is working hard on expansion plans, adding extra airlines and destinations, knowing that we would be the only quick service restaurant landside seemed like too good an opportunity to miss."

"We've absolutely loved our experience with the Subway® brand. We all really enjoy the happy atmosphere here, most of our customers are so excited about their holiday and that's infectious, it really is a great place to work."

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