Craving Success: What To Consider When Launching A Fast-Food Franchise

Thinking about how to launch a fast food franchise? But wondering what to consider when launching a fast food franchise. Well before you do, there are a number of key considerations to make. Sure, you’ll be taking the reins from a pre-established business with a set product range and model. But the right preparation and execution on your end, combined with a franchisor that supports your growth, is crucial for success.

Let’s unpack a little more about franchising, fast food, and why Subway is the ideal partner to invest your money in…

What to consider when launching a fast-food franchise?

There’s much to understand about the essentials of franchising and the fast food industry before you can enjoy the benefits of your investment. Here are a few FAQs to help.

What are the four Ps of franchising?


  • Product – As the franchisee, you’ll be instructed to sell certain products according to the model already set out by the franchisor. Investing in products that have a USP is wise for market performance. Subway, for example, bakes its own bread in-store and offers a wide range of fresh vegetables that aren’t normally associated with fast food restaurants.
  • Price – The price you pay to invest in a franchise will depend on a number of factors including the brand’s reputation, market demand, and the level of support the franchisor provides. As well as an initial fee, you’ll also be required to pay ongoing fees and royalties which subsidise things like marketing, operational support, and ongoing training.
  • Place – Choosing the right location to invest in is crucial as it could impact the price you pay and your ability to generate higher sales. Demographics and competition in the area are key factors here – the franchisor will likely have taken this into account already, but it’s worth doing your homework to ensure your investment is well placed.
  • Promotion – As part of your fee structure, you should receive ongoing marketing and promotional support from your franchisor. Nonetheless, be sure to invest in a compelling, promotable brand with a strong and recognisable message – like ‘Eat Fresh’!

What are the disadvantages of owning a franchise?

In many cases, a specific franchise will require a higher initial investment than going your own way with an independent fast-food restaurant. While some franchisors may offer flexibility according to your business model, there will be little-to-no wiggle room on the products you sell and the direction that the brand takes.

What are the qualities of owning a fast-food franchise?

The intricate and complex path of forging a brand and creating a marketing strategy is already paved for you. With the conditions for success in place, you’ll be supported on your mission to grow your franchise location. And, generally, your return on investment will be higher than opening your own independent restaurant.

How profitable is a fast-food franchise?

Investing in a popular fast food franchise, like Subway, can be more profitable than a smaller franchise that will typically face more competition with less financial backing. Branding is a key influence over how profitable your investment could be – instant recognition of a winning brand will give you a head start. Ongoing marketing support and a proven business model that flexes with the future is also essential for success.

Look for these when choosing where to put your capital. Speaking of the elephant in the room, it’s time to consider how to raise funds for investment…

Raising capital

Business plans at the ready… If cash is no issue for you, great! But if you’ve still got work to do to raise the funds, then be sure to run the numbers in your plan again – and again, and again.

You should only start applying for loans and grants when you’re sure how much you’ll need. Then, ensure your business plan outlines investment, profit and cost breakdowns for that specific franchise location.

Why choose Subway to launch a fast-food franchise?

The pace of the fast food industry lives up to its name, so adaptability is key in order to keep up with changing consumer demands. Subway is ahead of the curve on this front, with just the right ingredients to delight our customers, increase franchise profitability, and build the brand in the long term.

Here are a handful of reasons why your investment is in good hands with Subway:

  • Constantly diversifying products beyond sandwiches
  • 99% brand awareness in the UK, driving traffic through your door
  • Unique brand positioning combining health, customisation and freshness
  • No cooking, frying or grilling = low CapEx and high returns
  • Flexibility across formats and store size means a wide range of investment options
  • And plenty more!

After your initial capital investment, the store is yours to run, grow and profit from. We’ll guide you through the process of opening your Subway franchise and back you with the power of our global brand, including training, marketing, technology, advice and support.

Ready to make a fresh start?

Subway has more than 40,000 restaurants in 104 countries, with most being independently owned by people like you. From standalone stores to multi-branded environments with opportunities to maximise ROI through shared services, we’ll help you find a location that meets your unique needs as a franchisee.

Tell us about yourself here to get the ball rolling, and we’ll talk you through the next steps on your Subway franchisee journey.