Subway® new menu has been announced in a huge shake-up to start the year, with nine delicious new Subs and SubMelts® and a fiery new sauce, launching today in Subway restaurants nationwide.


  • Nine new Subs & SubMelt®’s launch today at Subway®   
  • Exciting new options joining the Signature Series menu include the Tuna Tato with tuna mayo, crispy hash browns, and a hot and tasty Stacked Bacon & Cheese SubMelt® 
  • New vegetarian and plant-based Subs include the new Veggie Breakwich, with poached eggs, American-style cheese, hash browns and ketchup, and the spiced Plant Picante, which is 100% plant-based when ordered with Vegan CheeZe
  • Subway Rewards® members can also get their hands on any Footlong for just £4.99 for a limited time only*

Exciting new options on their Signature Series menu include the Tuna Tato, which is guaranteed to have tuna fans in a tizzy! 

This Sub is stuffed with tasty tuna mayonnaise, American-style cheese, hash browns, lettuce, cucumbers, red onions, crispy onions and ketchup, so it’s sure to be a fan-favourite! 

The new Pesto Paradiso also joins the menu and features the iconic flavours of Italy, with roast chicken, mozzarella and basil pesto – alongside the exciting new Legendary Teriyaki, with chicken breast, teriyaki sauce, American-style cheese, veggies and crispy onions. 

 The Club Master is Subway’s take on a classic club sandwich, with turkey breast, streaky bacon, poached eggs, Monterey Jack cheddar, salad and mayo – and the Garlic Cheese Steak is packed with tasty Philly steak, garlic oil, garlic & herb sauce, and not one, but two cheeses, for a delicious American taste.   

Exciting new vegetarian and plant-based options include the Veggie Breakwich (V), available until 11am, with poached eggs, American-style cheese, hash browns and ketchup and the spiced Plant Picante, which is 100% plant-based when ordered with Vegan CheeZe.  


The new Stacked Bacon & Cheese SubMelt® also joins the range of Subway’s panini-style hot and toasted SubMelts®, perfect for colder days, alongside a new hot and fiery Mango Habanero sauce, which can be added to any Sub and also comes in Subway’s popular Series Sub; Big Bombay, which has had a spicy upgrade to kick off the new year!  

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New Subs

Legendary Teriyaki Sub – legendary by name, legendary by nature! This new Sub is stuffed with chicken breast, American-style cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, crispy onions and finished with sweet onion & teriyaki sauces.

Pesto Paradiso Sub  the flavours of Italy have arrived at Subway! This new Sub is loaded with tasty Chicken breast, mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, peppers and basil pesto. 

Mango Habanero – the new fruity yet fiery Mango Habanero sauce is now available to add to any Sub, wrap or salad for that extra kick and comes as standard in Subway’s popular Big Bombay Sub on the Signature Series menu – which has had a spicy upgrade to kick off the new year!  

Stacked Bacon & Cheese SubMelt® – joining Subway’s range of panini-style toasted Subs, this craveable Sub packs a perfect balance of streaky bacon and American-style cheese, topped with caramelised red onions and ketchup.

Tuna Tato Sub  This sub is stacked with tasty tuna mayonnaise, American-style cheese, warm hash browns, lettuce, cucumbers, red onions, crispy onions and ketchup.

Veggie Breakwich Sub (V) – a first-of-its-kind! The new Veggie Breakwich Sub (V) is available until 11 am each day, and contains poached eggs, melted American-style cheese and warm hash browns and ketchup.

Plant Picante Sub (V / VE)  the Plant Picante is packed with a mouth-watering spiced plant patty, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, crispy onions, sweet onion and a tangy garlic & herb sauces and American-style cheese. Swap American-style cheese for Vegan Cheeze for a 100% plant-based option; also available as a wrap or salad.

Club Master Sub  a spin on a classic – this new Sub includes turkey breast, streaky bacon, poached eggs, Monterey Jack cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, lite mayonnaise.

Garlic Cheese Steak Sub  this mouth-watering Sub tastes as good as it sounds!

Packed with Philly steak, Monterey Jack cheddar, American-style cheese (why have one style of cheese when you can have two?!), lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, peppers, garlic oil, garlic & herb sauce.

Rusty Warren, Senior Product Innovation Manager, at Subway® said: 

“We are kicking-off the new year at Subway® with so many new and exciting options on our Signature Series menu! 

There’s something for everyone, with the Veggie Breakwich (V), Plant Picante (V/VE) Stacked Bacon & Cheese SubMelt®, Legendary Teriyaki Sub, Club Master Sub and the truly unique Tuna Tato!”

“And our tasty new offer means that Subway Rewards® members can get their hands on any Footlong for just £4.99 in participating restaurants – but only for limited time, so be quick!”

All new menu options are available from Wednesday 10th January in restaurants nationwide or online, as either a Footlong or 6-inch Sub, wrap or salad. 

To get a taste of the new menu, Subway Rewards® members with the Subway App can get any Footlong for £4.99 for a limited time only! The exclusive offer is available until 20th February in participating restaurants. To get the offer, members just need to scan their QR code found in their Subway App when ordering. PLUS – This offer is available to use once every two weeks (up to three times). *

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