Should I Open A Franchise In Birmingham

If you’re planning to purchase a franchise, the UK has no end of options when it comes to locations. However, for an excellent return, plenty of guaranteed footfall and solid local authority support, Birmingham is one of the best cities to choose.

In this article, we’ll explain several reasons why the second most populous urban area in the country could be the perfect place to begin operating your new venture.

Why Should I open a Franchise in Birmingham?

Below, you’ll find just a few of the reasons why the jewel of the West Midlands could be the most practical and lucrative place to open a business or buy a franchise

1. Economic Growth

Sitting comfortably amid the ranks of the fastest growing UK cities, Birmingham is very much on the up. Not only is it a business hub – served by a huge and varied range of industries – but its position in the very centre of England makes it well-connected and ideal for shipping products to other regions.

With plenty of retail hotspots, major thoroughfares and busy business parks to choose from, the city centre and surrounding boroughs of Birmingham represent an excellent choice for anyone planning to purchase a food service franchise such as a Subway.

2. Infrastructure Development

HS2 is well on the way, with the high-speed rail line soon to hurtle through Birmingham and open the door to London trade and travel opportunities.

Of course, it’s not just about transport links. Birmingham City Council is working with a multi-billion pound infrastructure delivery plan that will continue well into the 2030s. New businesses and franchise branches will thrive amid this boom, as supply will need a boost to keep up with demand.

With just under 50 Subway sandwich shops covering the city’s 267.8 km² sprawl, there is clearly a huge amount of opportunity.

3. Government Support and Incentives

Birmingham’s Enterprise Zone Investment Plan has been carefully developed to attract ambitious business owners and franchisees into the city, with a huge range of excellent incentives and support schemes available.

The focus of this plan will be spread across 26 different sites, boosting the local economy by a huge £2.8bn per year.

With grant programmes available for businesses of almost any size and type operating within the city, up and coming entrepreneurs will flourish in the Midlands city.

In particular, owners of established franchises with low levels of investment, great finance options and a proven track record of success – such as Subway – are bound to see success exceptionally quickly.

4. Tourism and Hospitality

Rich in cultural landmarks, from its stunning Cathedral to the luxurious Jacobean Aston Hall to its many winding miles of canal and waterway, Birmingham is already established as an exciting destination and attracts millions of tourists and sightseers every year.

However, this began a long time prior to the significant amount of ongoing investment now being pumped into this major urban centre. This undeniable boom – along with the upcoming high speed rail link that will see journeymakers from London alight new purpose-built Birmingham Curzon Street station in less than 50 minutes – promises an even greater influx of tourists.

New faces in the food, leisure and hospitality industries in particular will be vital, particularly as huge and exciting new cultural hubs such as the Smithfield Project continue to spring up. 

Familiar international branded eateries and bars will undoubtedly find significant success in this rich environment.

5. Birmingham Offers Cost Savings

These transformative levels of investment and development still only represent the early stages of Birmingham’s growth – so the city’s potential is clearly enormous. 

As it stands, however, an individual setting up a franchise in Birmingham can expect to invest a mere fraction of the cost that they may face in well-established economies such as London’s.

This is the time to get in “on the ground floor” – as expenses like rent, inventory and other overheads are bound to rise as Birmingham’s boom intensifies.

So, Should I Open a Franchise in Birmingham?

Of course, there are a number of matters to take into account before you open a franchise – including your current budget and the timescales involved. It is important to plan carefully prior to taking any significant step.

However, considering Birmingham’s current economic climate combined with the affordable franchise fee and low levels of capital investment required to purchase or build out a Subway Restaurant, now really is the time for ambitious business operators to set their sights on the Midlands.

To learn more about business and franchising opportunities or to find further information about the process of becoming a franchisee, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly franchising team at Subway today, you can also read more about how to open a subway franchise as well as learn about how much does a subway franchise costs involved in our Franchise Hub.