Subway Realty Limited


Subway Realty Limited (SRL) is a UK corporation dedicated to leasing properties for Subway® franchise owners. SRL enters into leases with landlords and developers, and then subleases the sites to the franchise owners.

Leasing properties directly to SRL ensures landlords get a concept which has a long track record of dependability and the brand strength of more than 44,000 stores worldwide. The team of property professionals at SRL work with a legal panel to provide standard draft leases, which can help achieve faster deals and can keep legal costs down.

By holding the Head Lease, SRL is able to control locations, ensuring outlets are operated in accordance with the Subway® franchises' exacting standards, and rents and royalties are kept current at all times. If a franchise owner fails to operate in-line with the chain’s requirements, their sublease can be terminated and SRL may grant a new sublease to a different franchise pwner.

Leases in the Republic of Ireland are signed by Subway® of Ireland Limited.