Support network

One of the key reasons behind the success of Subway® is the solid support network and robust processes in operation.

An in-depth support structure is operated through regional Business Development Agents who have specific experience in opening and developing Subway® franchises and often own several outlets of their own.

There are 20 regional Development Offices in the UK and Ireland which assist and mentor all franchise owners with site selection, leasing, design, construction, hands-on training, purchasing, operations, advertising, local store marketing and more. Your local Business Development Office also provides continued support and mentoring once you have opened a Subway® store.

In addition, the head office for Subway® in the UK and Ireland is based in Cambridge, with a local team of support team members focused on operations, leasing, R&D, guest service, training and franchise owner services.

Great training

All new Subway® franchise owners are required to attend a two-week training course in Cambridge ahead of opening their own stores. This intensive training programme provides you with an overview of operating a Subway® store and running a business, including classroom and in-store sessions. On completion of the training, franchise owners are well-equipped to take the next steps in opening their own store. Similar training programmes are available for Subway® store managers as well.

In addition to face-to-face training, Subway® also runs the University of Subway®, a well-established online training programme coordinated by the Subway® Support Centre in Connecticut, USA. Offering over 400 online courses for franchise owners and store team members, the University of Subway® has brought on-demand learning to more than one million individuals, and has surpassed 15 million course completions since its launch in 2007.

Suppliers and equipment

IPC Europe is an organisation owned by Subway® franchise owners in Europe. It is governed by a Board of Directors made up of Subway® franchise owners, elected by franchise owners to represent their interests.

IPC Europe manages the purchasing and supply chain of Subway® specified and approved food, packaging, equipment and business solutions, and provides business and technology services and initiatives to help franchise owners cut costs and increase profitability. IPC Europe now manages over £1.6 billion worth of contracts on behalf of the 5,000+ Subway® stores in Europe.

To date, IPC Europe has delivered over £184 million benefits to Subway® franchise owners across Europe.

IPC Europe is a non-profit making business; all the savings and cost avoidance it delivers is for the benefit of franchisees.

IPC Europe continues to find innovative ways to make a difference, helping franchise owners be more profitable and competitive – today and for the future.

Marketing and advertising

The aim of marketing campaigns is to drive profitable sales for Subway® franchise owners. Subway® franchise owners in the UK and Ireland actively participate in the running of the Franchisee Advertising Fund (FAF). National and regional advertising boards, consisting of franchise owners, are elected each year; it is their role to make marketing decisions and ensure franchise owner funds are used to benefit all franchise owners. Subway® franchise owners currently pay 4.5% of gross sales (minus sales tax) to FAF.

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