Partnership opportunities with Subway®

The Subway® franchise is actively seeking businesses to lease space to a trained franchise owner. There are also opportunities for existing business owners who may wish to expand their business and become a Subway® franchise owner.

The flexibility of the franchise system means that Subway® stores are uniquely suited for a wide variety of locations. Worldwide there are more than 11,000 stores in non-traditional locations, such as:

  • Convenience stores
  • Airports
  • Railway and bus stations
  • Hospitals
  • Universities, colleges and student unions
  • Motorway service stations
  • Department stores
  • Military bases
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Amusement parks
  • Casinos
  • Convention centres
  • Places of work

In the UK and Ireland alone, there are more than 800 Subway® stores located in non-traditional locations. Non-traditional development continues to be a key area of growth for Subway®.


Why partner with Subway®?

  • Excellent dual branding opportunities and increased guest market share
  • Subway® stores are efficient, convenient and provide a quick service - attracting a steady flow of guests to the store
  • Unlike traditional food outlets, there is no need for grills or fryers
  • The format of operation means that team member levels can be increased at peak times and downscaled to just one person during quiet periods
  • Product made fresh in front of the guests allowing all of the menu to be available all of the time, maximising sales potential
  • Modern decor providing a stylish and inviting environment which complements existing store design
  • Flexibility in terms of space and design
  • Proven control systems

Subway® enjoys successful partnerships with well-known operators, including Applegreen, Blakemore, Compass, Euro Garages, Rontec, Sodexo and Welcome Break, alongside many independent operators.

Subway® is an active member of industry organisations, including the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS), Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) and Retail NI.

If you have an existing business that you think could benefit from a Subway® store, please contact us to discuss this. You can choose to either become the franchise owner of a Subway® store within your outlet or, as the landlord, you can rent the space to a Subway® franchise owner to operate a Subway® store alongside your existing operation. Non-traditional outlets can be as small as 350sq.ft. and still carry the full menu.

Subway® has a dedicated and skilled team handling all aspects of non-traditional development. For further information please contact Alice Chalmers here.

Case studies


"We took over the Post Office in Urmston and began our research into transforming it into a convenience store and a hub for the local community - like the Post Office always was. After seeing Subway® at the National Convenience Show we wanted to explore the possibilities of having a Subway® store, alongside the Post Office in the convenience store. We were drawn to Subway® as its image is so strong and it has such a high awareness amongst guests."
Mohammed and Raeesah Jassat, Subway® Franchise owners
"Having the Subway® stores within our convenience stores has opened up a whole new customer base for us; the strength of the brand is tremendous and is a real draw for younger guests and families in particular. The healthier choices on offer, alongside the value for money deals, have proved a big hit. We had a very positive turnover increase, as well as guest satisfaction after the opening of the first Subway® store, it was only a matter of time before we opened the second."
Conrad Davies, Subway® Franchise owner
"We have enjoyed working with the team at Subway® for a number of years now and have always found them professional to deal with. The brand adjacent to our stores gives our guests another offer to choose from and the standard of shop fit is always good."
Mark D Edwards, Leasing Manager, Tesco Stores Limited
"We have always been very pleased with the Subway®/Land Securities relationship. The relationship has proved both advantageous as well as prudent, especially with the strong and profitable presence at our White Rose scheme."
Andrew Turf, Manager - Retail, Land Securities

Philip Tout owns and operates four Budgens convenience stores across the South West.

Philip opened his first Subway® store, as part of a re-fit of his store in Cheddar, Somerset. Following its early success, Philip opened a second Subway® store in his Budgens in Nailsea, Somerset.

“We have been delighted with the way that Subway® has complemented our existing c-store business in Cheddar and Nailsea, and are enjoying that it is attracting new guests into the stores.

“We have tried other food-to-go offerings in the past within our c-stores, but have found that Subway® stores provide the best option for guests wanting food and snacks made fresh in front of them.

“We’re looking forward to developing our relationship with Subway®  further.”

Philip Tout, Subway® Franchise owner

Ed and Mark Bentley are a successful Subway® franchise owner team in North Yorkshire who have recently opened the first ever Subway® store in a car dealership. Brothers, Ed and Mark, are third generation family businessmen in the motor trade industry with three car dealerships in Skipton, Keighley and on the Isle of Man.

The pair are seasoned franchise owners with Ford, Mazda and Kia across their three sites. The car dealership at Skipton is the largest site at five acres (2 hectares) and as a method to increase footfall to their dealership the pair bought an Aldi franchise in 2013.

Ed explained: “Being a bit out the way made us think of ways to drive footfall to the car dealership and starting these franchises has proven to be very effective. Although it’s very difficult to measure I would estimate that we’ve sold an extra car a week thanks to our franchises being on site. We have had customers say things like ‘I only popped down for a bite to eat and I’m going back with a new Fiesta!’ which is excellent!”

The enterprising duo opened their first Subway® store in June 2014 in Garforth, Leeds. Despite already being successful businessmen the brothers attended the Subway® franchise owner training course at the UK and Ireland’s Subway Support Centre in Cambridge. Mark commented: “Because we have been in the retail industry for so long we didn’t think that we would learn anything new from the course, but both of us came away with a lot actually. The training was really beneficial from a customer service perspective and we’re not only implementing what we learnt in our Subway® franchise but also in our other businesses.”

The brothers’ first Subway® store was such a success that they began planning to have their second store within their Skipton car dealership. Ed explains: “It was much easier the second time around, we learnt so much from the first Subway® store opening and this time we took things in our stride. We really wanted to approach our second store opening in a calm and relaxed manner to make sure that everything was under control.”

The pair are optimistic that the introduction of the Subway® store to their Skipton car dealership will not only be a great success as a franchise but also drive even more footfall to their dealership. Ed said: “We’re really proud to have opened the first ever Subway® store within a car dealership in the UK and we’re sure that with targeted marketing and word of mouth we will see our Skipton store being just as successful as our Garforth store. We’re also confident that we’ll see car sales improve as a result – I’d be surprised if the addition of the Subway® store doesn’t see us selling at least one extra car a week.”

Ed and Mark Bentley, Skipton Ford

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